The TOWER GROUP RMC (Risk Management Consulting) company was established by professionals who are former long-term members of the Special Forces.

It operates according to the standards laid out in our SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures) manual. These regulations are inherent to the field of security on land, at sea and in the air.


All security teams operate in accordance with:

SOPs: Standard Operating Procedures.
RUF: Rules on Use of Force.
UNCLOS: United Nations Convention on the Law Of the Sea.
SOLAS: Safety Of Life At Sea.
IMO: International Maritime Organization.
ICOC: International Code Of Conduct.
The laws and regulations of the country where the company is located.
The laws and regulations of the country where the ship is registered.

In the context of a mission, TOWER GROUP selects and deploys its specialised personnel on the basis of their professional skills. Maritime security is managed by a former commando of the navy’s special forces. Security on land and in the air are exclusively managed by former Special Forces and Elite Corps personnel.


Our professionals are highly motivated and competent and have extensive experience of working in hostile and high-risk environments.